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    My brother and my dear brothers Zakat science in its publication is not good in the mute of science and everything reaches the human being thanks to God and then thanks to the help of others since it is not possible for a person to work himself alone and here I thought to create this page and containing information on how to help me Publishing the page and the website and also the YouTube channel. I will put every site or page and below the steps to help me in this area and help you channel will be participating in the reward God willing and leave you with the steps.

    YouTube channel
    If you like any video, make a cake because the number of lycat encourages the rest of the people to watch the video and all of the benefit of the channel.
    If you see an ad in the channel useful for you to click on it and open it as opening the advertisement increases the income of the channel.
    If you like a video and want to share it will expand the channel’s spread and will benefit the channel very much.
    Make a subscription to the channel if you are not subscribed as the number of subscribers to the channel encourages the person to enter it and see what is in it.
    Sending the channel to your friends interested in the field of culture and modern topics will help to spread the channel
    our page on Facebook
    If you have friends who are interested in the web field, invite them to the page where increasing the number of followers makes us more joyful.
    Do you want to donate?
    Donation is very common in all free services and it is not your duty to only those who can. All in the channel and the group is free and there is nothing paid and for the sake of the channel I refuse many of the work that is offered to me as well as save my time to respond to queries and the usefulness of the donation for me a lot first to buy new recording equipment and second to pay the rent of my server And thirdly not to waste my time in the sites of the Free Lancer and used all the time and effort for lessons. Any donation you make is acceptable and your name will be placed in the donor list. In the future, you will have special features in the school program that I work on.
    Here’s my PayPal account because it’s the best way to donate recently:[email protected]